Do any Online HIV Dating Sites Offer a Decent Selection of Legitimate Profiles?

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**Warning: Mini rant**

First off, a question (with perhaps just a tad of frustration): Why does it seem that every HIV-related dating site is a veritable GHOST TOWN, with minimal members and a bunch of useless SPAMMY profiles? (ok, rant over)

'Real world' dating with HIV can certainly be a lonely experience. It's real easy to be ripped apart by the constant threat of rejection, the anxiety of being upfront with people, and the persistent feeling that nothing is ever going to happen.

There is truly no substitute for the feeling that comes with complete openness and honesty, and being able to find someone who knows exactly what you’re going through can really help alleviate deep-rooted feelings of shame and lack of self-worth.

So why is it that webmasters of HIV-related dating sites exhibit such a lack of care and competence? I've signed up to a few, and most are run by people who don't seem to care that their sites are littered with spam, have huge desertion rates, and return zero matches for smaller cities. You begin to think it better to just give up on the online dating thing altogether.

Instead, after finally finding one I liked, I decided to compare the 3 most prominent HIV dating sites below to give a clear idea of what's working and why. Most importantly, I looked for:

  • How many profiles came up within my (medium-sized) city
  • How many of those profiles were not spam
  • How many of those profiles included pictures
  • That both males and females were using the site in good numbers

The results I found are as listed below. The key element for me was the 'Popularity Contest' criteria, which had me doing test searches on each site to see how varied my choices were. But don’t take my word for any of this – all of these sites allow you to create free profiles so that you can browse around and judge for yourself.

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So,which is the best of the HIV dating websites?




Popularity: 10/10
Ease of Use: 7/10
Support: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

What it is: With over 300 success stories posted on their website, Positive Singles boasts the largest membership of any STD-related dating site. Members have the choice of either free or Gold (paid) membership, with gold members allowed extra perks like greater search flexibility, greater ability to communicate with others, and ‘featured member’ status for maximum exposure. PositiveSingles has been online since 2002, and allows members from dozens of countries around the world.

Popularity Contest: I did a basic search for women aged 28-39 within 100 miles of my city area (in Vancouver, Canada). The number of profiles that turned up was 322, which was by far the most of the 3 sites on this page. It should be noted (as with all the sites) that these results included profiles with a variety of STD’s.

The Lowdown : As noted above, if it’s variety that you’re looking for then PositiveSingles is the place. On top of that, both sexes are well represented. The other thing I really like is that profiles are manually approved, so spammy profiles are practically non-existent.
One minor disappointment with PositiveSingles is the limits placed with the free membership option, especially when it comes to searching profiles. The price of the gold membership upgrade is reasonable, however, considering the popularity and relative quality of this site.

Worth your time? There’s really no STD-related dating site close to it, so – definitely.

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Popularity: 4/10

Ease of Use: 6/10
Support: 7/10
Overall: 6/10

What it is: Though online since 2003, PositiveLove does not have nearly the online presence of PositiveSingles. Like PS, this site caters primarily to those afflicted with Herpes and HIV. Members have the option of free membership, or upgrading to Platinum status, which ranges in price from $6.58 - $18.94 a month, depending on how many months you commit to when ordering.

Popularity Contest: I did the same search as above, for women aged 28-39 in my city. There were zero results returned for the city, and only 90 returned for the entire country (Canada).

The Lowdown: Besides the poor results for a fairly broad and basic search, all but a small handful of the profiles that appeared featured no photo. Of those that returned a photo, a few of them featured oddly provocative poses that reeked of spam profiles.
It could, on the other hand, be worth it to create a free profile here since there did appear to be some legitimate profiles as well. Just don’t expect too much.

Worth your time? For a free profile, sure. But even at $6.58/month - at the low end of the membership fee structure - you’d be overpaying.


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Popularity: 2/10

Ease of Use: 6/10
Support: 4/10
Overall: 4/10

What it is: Another in a long list of ‘lesser-known’ STD dating sites, STDFriends has been online since 2001. It too offers a free membership or membership upgrade, which ranges in price from $6.65 - $19.95 a month, depending on how many months you commit to. It appears to specifically cater to North American users, and offers greater relevancy to U.S. users than other countries.

Popularity Contest: The common search I did – women 28-39, within 100 miles of my city – offered zero results. I then expanded this to include all of Canada, and a total of 14 profiles appeared, by far the worst.

The Lowdown: This site showed promise right away with the ‘site stats’ on the homepage, that tell you how many total members, how many online now, how many new today, how many new this week, etc. American visitors are also able to do quick searches by state on the homepage as well.
Trouble is, this site appears to be all but abandoned. The news section on the homepage is way out of date and many comments on pages are at least 6 months old; add the terrible search results as noted above and this is one to avoid.

Worth your time? No.


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